Our free health service

The Society’s main objective is to provide the members of the community with the opportunity to see the true nature of free health services by formulating a holistic free health program for the members of the Society. Free health service is not to be viewed as easily accessible like air.
Such a service must be reached with great determination to be achieved through the union’s membership of the community.

The thing that should be understood as co-operatives is that the power of the members of the community is absolute.
We need to set our program in line with the importance of planning services through NGOs, as well as foreign resource resourcility, or not seeking a membership of the beneficiaries, rather than a means of strengthening the membership of the members of the community.

Not every member of the Society has a membership in the health sector. By getting a good understanding of the health program, the member must obtain membership in the health benefits.

Management Accumulation account
The member gets the benefits of health care in making the Advance Account. Membership clubs can enter this health mood by depositing Rs.100. The total contribution of the child is Rs.5000 / =. The union hopes to systematically raise the monthly installment of Rs. 60 a month.

100 / = has been linked to the Family Health Service. When you deposit up to 50 months in a systematic manner, the contribution of 50,000 subscribers at the same time contributes to the Arya contribution to those who complete 60 months for full benefits. After 5 years.

When a member deposits a lot more money, the money is not valid for the past months due to payment due to the fact that it is written in the books for the future.

Special points
This account is not compulsory for members. It is a voluntary participation.
These money-depositing members cannot be personally owned.
The contribution of the members is Rs.5000 / -.
The amount contributed by the Society is 20000 \ =.
The total apprenticeship of the members is Rs. 25000 \ =.
Once a Health Fund has been created till Rs. 1000000 by one member, the Society’s contribution should be given year after year.

The money will be released as loans to the families of these families. Any interest earned from this interest,

1. Giving Benefits.
2. Health centers are provided.
3. Provide health facilities to the members of families.
4. For surgeries.
Will be reserved.

Members should complete the form above to subscribe to the Arogya Program.

How health care is being provided

A card scheme has been introduced for the families of Arogya Account holders to obtain these basic benefits. The cards are in five sizes and five in color. Obtaining benefits through the use of Aromatic cards is shown in two steps.

First step

Member/ Husband/ Unmarried children of the Member
The full benefits are given in the following percentages.

Second step

The member’s parents and the husband’s parents
Half of the benefits will be received.

When the mature Account is matured, the green color card will also be a photo of the member and will be released safely. No privileged card can be suppressed.