Supportive nursing training

The nurses trained by the institute can come up with the below qualifications.

01. Women’s Co-operative Sisters and Children can participate in this.
02. Should be unmarried between the ages of 18-20.
03. The training period is one year.

The qualities those you need to be after selecting
01. Daily Arrivals
02. Being courteous.
03. Being in love with Rogya
04.activity and virtue

Only a dressing should be inserted during training.

The training courses are as follows.
01. Vocational training (Dr. Joyel Fernando and Dr. Nandanie Kumarihami)
02.Teacher’s assistant training and English knowledge (M.D.Gunarathna)
03. Ayurveda training (Qualified Ayurvedic physicians)
04. Pharmacy awareness training

A year-long assessment is conducted after an evaluation.
After that, the probationary service period of the probationary period will be given to the MOH Center.